Live SMP


Live SMP


Discover LiveSMP, a Minecraft server where live-streaming meets survival gameplay. Exclusive to live broadcasters, it features proximity chat for real-time collaboration and interaction, perfect for immersive and engaging gaming sessions. Join LiveSMP for a unique, community-focused Minecraft adventure!

Members list:

- Luna (Coronux) [Link]

- Jalyn [Link]

- gaminggiantlive [Link]

- Roselia [Link]

- Arrow [Link]

- Jojan [Link]

- IceCustoms [Link]

- MathiasClari [Link]

- Ultradacat [Link]

- Doopiecookie [Link]

- brundle_fly_ [Link]

- cryptofyre [Link]

- lumiiityy [Link]

- giuseppe [Link]

- mjrammy [Link]

- chryssicakes [Link]

- pabuly [Link]

- Vibrobas [Link]